FAMILY SIZE September 10 2015, 1 Comment

Have you ever heard that Brian Reagan routine about the serving size for ice cream being a half cup?  Well, it's pretty funny, because really, who wants just a half cup of ice cream?  Half cup of spinach?  Yeah, that's okay, but ice cream?  Another thing that cracks me up is the "Family Size" frozen entrees in the grocery store.  They usually say that they have four servings in them.  So I bought one for my husband and me.  It was a Sweet and Sour Chicken called Voila!  I fixed it up last night in my 12 inch skillet.  You know you're in trouble when your 12 inch skillet only has like 1/2 inch of food in the bottom of it.  Lucky for us, there were only two of us and not four.  We halfed it up and went upstairs to watch tv while we ate it.  "This is good" commented David.  "Yeah." I agreed.  Mine was gone in under three minutes.  I just sat there for a minute looking at my plate, when I said, "I AM STILL STARVING!!!!"  That's when David announced he was driving to town to buy a frozen pizza.  (wild cheering from the other side of the sofa - oh that was me!)

The moral of this story is when you are buying a "family sized" frozen entree for your family - it really means you need at least one for each member of your family, and possibly two.

Thanks, I just needed to say that.  P.S.  Hungry Man dinners????  These people have never met a "real" hungry man before, only little cut out ones.