Art with a Message

Most of the sculptures you find here at BurdenStudio carry a profound, spiritual message. These are pieces you can give to encourage, to bring comfort, pieces to remind you, as a believer in Christ, what you are here for in this dark world. Come and see if a scripture, or a story behind a piece speaks to you, and be blessed.

  • Mighty Men of God
  • Christmas

Mighty Men of God



Original acrylic paintings on barn tin,
wood and canvas

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You're living the dream, people say to us. They are so envious that we are doing what we love to do, that we don't have to climb in our car and commute to work everyday, that we essentially write our own ticket. Well, we have to agree for the most part.

When I first started sculpting in 1990, David had a full time "real" job and I did too. We had two girls, ages 9 and 11. Every piece I sculpted, I would take to the local ceramics shop to have it fired and every one of them would blow up in the kiln!

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