About Us

Burden Studio consists of two people, David and Cindy Burden.  We create and produce all of the artwork you will see on this website.  I am the sculptor.  David is the photographer and mold maker.  Then basically we run around like crazy people changing hats to make this thing work.

For a while someone else was producing my work, and David had a real job.  But in 2009, we took it all back, built our studio and gallery out in the country and began producing everything ourselves, right here in the USA, Scurry, Texas, to be exact.



Here we are in progress.  Notice my tool belt?


Here's how it looked when we finally finished it.  We lived on top in that tiny little space.





This is how it turned out when we were finally finished.  For the first two years, we lived in the top floor, the gallery was underneath and the studio, there to the left.

We finally decided to turn the gallery into a living area, so when we get really old and rickety, we won't have to climb the stairs unless we really want to.  Smart, huh?  Besides no one ever came out here anyhow.