King's Dancer
King's Dancer

King's Dancer

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Hydrostone (natural gypsum product)
Size 7.5" x 8.5" x 3.5"
Hand cast and signed by the artist
Corresponding scripture on bottom of the piece
Made in Cleburne, TX, USA
"Let them praise His Name with the dance." (Psalm 149:3)
the story...
Our pastor's wife attended a retreat a few years back.  During worship, some of the people were waving banners and dancing as they praised the Lord.  She stood there just overwhelmed with love for the Lord and wished that she could wave a banner and dance too.  But, well, for starters, she didn't have a banner and secondly, she was a pastor's wife and people didn't do that kind of thing in her church.  Suddenly a man came up to her and thrust a banner in her hand and said, I think you are supposed to have this.
She was surprised and so thrilled that the Lord of the Universe had seen her desire to worship in this way, and had  not only given her permission, but gave her the means to do it as well.  He truly gave her the desire of her heart.
After the retreat, a kind brother, who had been at the same retreat, got a banner and gave it to her.  He also laid three others up on the floor by the organ for anyone else who might want to use them.  Most Sundays, my friend can be seen swaying back and forth, eyes closed, praising the Lord with all her might and waving her banner to Him.  May we all be set free to worship the Lord in dance or any other way the Spirit leads us!